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Second Vin - Château Changyu Moser XV
Red wine Red wine
dry dry
China China
Ningxia (CN) Ningxia
0.75 l (11,742.65CHF * / 1 l)
Grand Vin Cabernet Sauvignon - Château Changyu Moser XV
Red wine Red wine
dry dry
China China
Ningxia (CN) Ningxia
0.75 l (77.00CHF * / 1 l)
Cabernet Sauuvignon Heland Mountain - Château Changyu Moser XV
Red wine Red wine
dry dry
China China
Ningxia (CN) Ningxia
0.75 l (11,742.65CHF * / 1 l)
Purple Air Comes from the East - Château Changyu Moser XV
Red wine Red wine
dry dry
China China
Ningxia (CN) Ningxia
0.75 l (11,742.65CHF * / 1 l)

Chilean wines - at the height

Wine has been produced here since 1551, ever since the Spanish discovered South America for themselves. But the full-bodied, powerful red wines and elegantly refreshing white wines, which win prizes and awards worldwide, are a product of modern times. But what could wine from Chile be but top notch? Warm days, crisp nights, ideal soils for vines and unfavorable climates for pests, enhanced with French influences and icy glacial waters of the Andes - concentrated flavor, bottle after bottle from Chilean winemaking.

Netflix and Chile Wine

The high elevations, the cool ocean breezes, the unique climatic conditions - all shape and drive Chilean wine. Lush wines made from the noble grape varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Syrah and the secret star Carmèrère experience the optimal conditions in Chile to fully mature and score with concentrated freshness. In addition, the vines in Chile are protected from phylloxera, which has not yet made its way into the long country. Thus, there are still numerous rootless vines, which were in high demand after the phylloxera catastrophe in Europe. Re-imported vines from Chile sometimes formed the basis for modern European viticulture after the phylloxera caused devastating damage. Nevertheless, out of an abundance of caution, new vines in Chile are grafted to be phylloxera resistant.

Chilean wine taste

The isolated location also results in an incomparable character for top Chilean wines. A velvety cloth envelops the red wines, a floral one the whites. Often very high in alcohol, the wines from Chile express themselves mostly dry and semi-dry. The chalky clay soils and cutter earth provide Chilean wine with minerality, while the highly fluctuating climate between day and night concentrates the country's aromas. Best conditions for grapes, but most of them are used for the production of Pisco, Chile's national drink.

Wine growing regions of Chile


The region of Coquimbo in the hot north of Chile is known for heavy red and white wines, which enjoy perfect conditions in the valleys between the Atacama Desert and the Pacific Ocean. Despite the low-rainfall climate, the vines do not have to do without water. Through targeted irrigation of the very fertile soil, the valleys are very productive growing areas for Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc, which display an unexpected freshness.

Valle Central

The Valle Central is home to a multitude of renowned wine-growing regions from Chile. First and foremost, the Valle del Maipo around the capital Santiago de Chile is responsible for the rise of Chilean viticulture. As the oldest cultivation area for Chilean wine, the winegrowers shine with many years of experience in dealing with the mineral soils and create fruity and soft wines. The vineyards here reach up to 1000 meters above sea level and are lined with Chile's most cultivated variety - the Cabernet Sauvignon. The rest is made up of predominantly red grape varieties such as Merlot, Carménère, Syrah and Malbec as well as a few white varieties such as Chardonnay, Semillón and Sauvignon blanc. Wines from the Valle Central are characterized by a noble structure and fresh acidity and are often lush in character - probably influences of the French winemakers who explored new terroir in Chile in the mid-19th century.


The Aconcagua wine region is named after the highest mountain in the snow-capped Andes. Meltwater feeds the rivers that meander through the region. Favoured by two openings in the Cordillera de la Costa, the mountain range along the Chilean coast, the vineyards are relieved of the hot climate by cool sea air. This provides ideal conditions for viticulture, which winemakers reward by producing the best Chilean red wines. Since large investments by foreign wine giants, the Valle de Aconcagua has also experienced an upswing that has made the wines from Chile known to wine experts as well.

The Chilean wine law

A quality system does not exist in Chile, only a regulation for designations of origin exists. Denominación de Origen, short D.O. serves for the exact indication of the source of the wine and guarantees to be pressed from one of the 23 permitted sorts for quality wine. Accordingly, at least 85% of the wine must be vinified from the specified grape. The same applies to the vintage and the origin. This means that 25% of the wine may come from a different vintage and 25% of the wine from a different origin. The addition of sugar to increase the alcohol content is also forbidden, although the addition of acid is permitted.

Our VINELLO recommendation

Limited Selection Cabernet Sauvignon Carmenère - Montes

Fruity, complex and ruby red - this is real Chilean wine from the Montes winery. The winemakers combine the strengths of Cabernet Sauvignon and Carménère in a full-bodied wine that delights the senses with ripe aromas of blackberry, cherry and elderberry. The pleasure experience is complemented with notes of tobacco, coffee, vanilla and butter caramel. This harmonious interplay makes this cuvée the ideal companion to hearty meat dishes and spicy stews.

Chilean wines buy cheap online

Order your Chilean wine and experience how wine from the other side of the world tastes - simply the best! Whether red, white or rosé - Chile has a lot to offer and packs temperament and tradition into beautifully shaped bottles. Taste the Andes, the climate, the soil, the factors that crown Chilean wine. Order online your cheap wines from Chile and benefit from our carbon neutral and insured delivery. Buy cheap chilean wine at VINELLO - chilean in a different way.

Chilean red wine

Red wine evening planned? Spicy, fruity Chilean red wine tastes great and goes well with many dishes. We do not want to encourage you to drink too much red wine, but there is absolutely nothing against a glass of good red wine from Chile.

On the contrary, there are even studies that suggest the possibility that red wine protects against heart attacks and dementia. Who wants to believe this, can enjoy a noble Chilean red wine from time to time even without remorse. In moderation, everything is allowed that tastes good and awakens joie de vivre! In our vinotheque you will find delicious red wine from Chile, which you can order online at .

Chilean red wine: taste at its best!

Red wine from Chile is particularly tasty, fresh and fruity. Chilean red wine unfolds its unique, multi-layered aroma after opening the red wine bottle and awakens the desire for a nice evening with cozy music and good food. Taste at its best is attested to the popular red wines from Chile. Which Chilean red wine do you prefer? In our wine shop you have plenty of choice! With us you can buy

  • buy sweet red wine from Chile
  • dry Chilean red wine,
  • semi-dry wine
  • and sweet, Chilean red wine.

We are sure to have your favorite Chilean red wine in stock and other delicious things to enjoy! 

Chilean red wine and its grape varieties

The Carménère is one of the highest-yielding Chilean red wine varieties. Originally, this red grape variety comes from a well-known French wine-growing region. However, it fell victim to a nasty phylloxera plague and thus almost became extinct. It's a good thing that the Carménère has found the optimal conditions to thrive in Chile's wine-growing regions. Thus, enjoyable Chilean red wines can be pressed from this important red grape variety for viticulture.

Other popular Chilean red wine varieties include:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot
  • País
  • Syrah 

Do you want a top red wine from Chile?

We promise you absolute wine enjoyment from the "land of great contrasts". Our Chilean red wine recommendation: Gran Crucero Limited Edition 2009 with "Viña seal". An award-winning Chilean red wine of a wonderful violet colour, with diverse fruit aromas, which beguiles the nose and enraptures the palate.

Chilean red wines and their quality levels

Buy and enjoy quality red wine from Chile, no problem thanks to Vinello! We know that in Chile a lot of emphasis is placed on the production of high quality wines. It does not matter whether it is white wines or red wines.

Chilean red wine is generally divided into three quality levels:

  • Chile produces white and red wines for the daily needs (or consumption) of the population, called "basic wines".
  • Furthermore, certain regulations also apply to Chilean wines with regard to the indication of origin and designation of origin.
  • Chilean red wine of top quality can be recognized by the designation "DO" (stands for "Denominación de Origen"). 

Chilean red wine and the best vintages

Which vintage produced the best Chilean red wine? Even the gods would argue about that if you had a vintage guide with the most outstanding red wine vintages of Chile at hand. Red wine from Chile tastes divine, no question about it! When it comes to the best vintage, opinions differ widely. Even "die-hard" red wine connoisseurs are divided on this.

Some say: The older the Chilean red wine, the better its taste and aroma. Others say: A real vintage red wine from Chile is one that is available in limited edition and costs a lot of money. Vinello says: In our wine shop you can order Chilean vintage red wine online that suits your taste.

Whether young or old, red wine dry or sweet, semi-dry or sweet red wine from Chile: The important thing is that taste and enjoyment form a unit.

Red wine from Chile: Food and drink recommendation

Cheers to the coziness and noble red wine from Chile! How about a real red Chilean cult wine? The dry Casiellero del Diablo is a great palate pleaser, red and fruity, round and smooth, with a gentle finish. This Chilean red wine is particularly delicious with veal escalopes, veal roulades or veal goulash.

Our drinking recommendation: Never drink red wine too cold, otherwise you won't get any of its unique taste! 

Chilean red wines buy online at VINELLO

We promise "enjoyment for all" and that is why you can buy from us not only red wine from Chile with cork guarantee. If you decide to buy Chilean red wine online at Vinello, you have 15 payment methods to choose from. The security of your data is of course paramount. At Vinello you shop safely and without risk, because we are a Google certified merchant.

Chilean white wine assortment for all tastes

If you want to order white Chile wine , we offer a great assortment in our online wine shop.

  • barrel-aged Sauvignon Blanc, whose fruity taste is almost unique
  • chilean Chardonnay, acidic, mild to spicy
  • sweet white wine, with seductive fruit aromas
  • dry white wine with a distinct character
  • strong, semi-dry white wines
  • sweet white wine from the most famous white wine grape varieties of Chile
  • excellent organic wine with cork guarantee 

Chilean white wine grape varieties

Chilean white wine owes its convincing taste to the best white grape varieties. In the "Land of the Pacific", white wine vines find the optimal climatic conditions to thrive. The classic white wine varieties of Chile are mainly Chardonnay and Sauvignon.

For a long time, the otherwise worldwide popular grape variety Riesling played a rather subordinate role in Chile. Depending on the terroir (location), Chilean white wines from the Riesling grape taste slightly mineral but always fruity. The versatile citrus fruit aromas are particularly striking. Among the other most famous Chilean white wine varieties are:

  • Chardonnay
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Sémillon
  • Chenin Blanc 

Which Chilean white wine is particularly recommendable?

If you would like to buy a high-quality white wine from Chile online, you are welcome to follow our white wine recommendation: Sauvignon Blanc by Errazuriz - a dry white wine with "personality" and full-bodied taste! You must try this excellent 2014 vintage wine made from the white grape variety of the same name if you love floral nuances, tropical fruits and lively, fresh wines.

Chilean quality levels

If you order Chilean white wine online in our wine shop, you will receive quality wine that will "blow your mind" in terms of taste. Winemakers in the southwest of South America have to follow some "golden rules" when making wine.

  • Inexpensive, simple wines are called "varietal" in Chile and are often vinified in steel tanks.
  • Pure sort as well as "cuvetierte" wines (oak barrel development) carry the quality designation "premium wine".
  • Wine connoisseurs can recognise the best Chilean quality wines by the designation "ultra-premium wine". 

The best vintages

Is there still room in your wine cellar for a top vintage white wine from Chile? White wines from the "early 90s" are among the most sought-after vintage wines from Chile. During that time, which can be considered as the "nursery of Chilean quality wines", the first top wines delighted the taste buds and "fine noses" of European wine lovers. The vintages from 2008 to 2012 also produced palatable white wines and delicious sweet wines . The 2013 Cordillera Chardonnay vintage from the Miguel Torres winery is a dry white wine with an extraordinary bouquet, which is very well received by wine connoisseurs. 

Food & drink recommendations

Women ask themselves daily: What will I cook tomorrow? Wine lovers who have only recently acquired a taste for Chilean white wines, on the other hand, ask themselves: What do I serve with the white wine? One thing is for sure, pastries and nibbles always "go"! When you order Chilean white wine online at Vinello, you will also find out which dishes go well with your favorite white wine !

Chilean white wines buy online at VINELLO

Do not renounce the pleasure of modern Chilean white wines, buy without risk in our wine online shop ! We offer:

  • an extensive wine assortment - from the lovely Chilean white wine over tender Rosèwein up to the sparkling sparkling wine
  • exquisite spirits
  • Delicatessen specialities for gourmets
  • Wine accessories and wine gifts.

Do you have any questions about your favourite wine or special requests? The Vinello team has always an open ear and will be happy to advise you in detail - whether by phone or by mail!

Chilean rosé wine - the highest good of South America

Chilean viticulture has always excelled with fruity and full-bodied wines from red grape varieties. Meanwhile, the roaring Pacific winds and cool nights offer effervescence and fresh nuances to vinified good. A sustained foray into rosé wines is thus an obvious choice for Chile. Juicy and intense rosés are the tasty result, delighting wine connoisseurs and epicureans alike.

Impressive Chilean rosé wines for a colourful glass of spirited lightness. Pour yourself the treasures of this long-drawn-out country and let yourself fall into a dreamlike fruity pleasure. Day after day only the best rosé wines from Chile serve - on VINELLO buy favorably and at home or on the way unconstrained our lively wines taste.

Chile with Rosé

A glass of Chilean Rosé opens the whole variety, the local cultivated grape varieties. Domestic vineyards with Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Tempranillo and of course Carignan provide the basis for the rosé wine production to press the salmon-coloured to intensely cherry-red rosé at the foot of the Andes. Of course, the fresh fruity drops take up every nuance of the terroir - just majestic, sublime and created to inspire.

Discover the free character of Chilean rosé wines and raise your enjoyment to the next level. VINELLO offers you the right wines for an unforgettable evening. Once Chile - always Chillen.

Our VINELLO recommendations

Santa Digna Rosé Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva - Miguel Torres Chile

Pure-grained Cabernet Sauvignon in a cherry-red body - the Santa Digna Rosé from the Andean foothills near Curicó enchants at first sight. Juicy plums, beguiling strawberries and fresh grapefruit dominate the bouquet and create together with the invigorating acid structure a tasty drinking experience. Dry vinified and fermented in a controlled manner in stainless steel tanks, the Miguel Torres Chile winery guarantees a top-class rosé wine. A refreshing Chilean rosé wine for eventful sunny days, picnics or with delicious Mediterranean dishes. You can also order Chile's cherry-red pride in the form of the Santa Digna Rosé Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva uncomplicatedly and wisely in a low-priced wine package. Buy up to 18 bottles of rosé wine from Chile and you will always have the right rosé wine in your house.

Cherub Rosé of Syrah - Montes

Dry, youthful and simply heavenly - the Cherub Rosé from the Montes winery unites body and spirit with bright pink hints and a noble bouquet of colorful roses, strawberries and orange peel. Elegantly integrated tannins and densely concentrated fruit offer a grippy palate and round finish. Naturally aged in stainless steel tanks, Cherub Rosé of Syrah exudes its fresh and invigorating character with zesty hors d'oeuvres, seafood and any occasion.

Buy Chilean Rosé Wine online at a great price

Fish yourself the best rosé wines from Chile, cheap and uncomplicated on VINELLO. Chilean rosés open up freshness and unrestrainedness in its purest form. Raise your glasses and let nature take its course. Rosé from Chile from selected wineries and noble grape varieties you will find carefree to order on VINELLO. Always available online for you, buy your wines inexpensively and safely in our wine shop. Cleverly packaged and shipped climate-neutral, your favorites will arrive safely and on time. Bring Chilean rosé specialties into your life and treat yourself to lightness and freedom in liquid form. Impeccable rosé wines from Chile to share, celebrate and give away - enjoyment is what you make of it.